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East Coast Horse Transport Brisbane provides all you need for horse transportation from Brisbane to Sydney and Melbourne. As our name suggests we cover the east coast, but we also transport to inland NSW and North Queensland. So if you’re looking for horse relocation services and want your horse to travel safely, you can trust us to get the job done safely and efficiently. We are a trusted horse transporter with years of experience in short and long distance horse removal service – check our testimonials section to hear what our valued customers have to say about us. Remember, we don’t just cover horse transport QLD, but the whole east coast of Australia and more. You can trust East Coast Horse Transport for your horse moving and horse travel services. For horse delivery, we’re the first choice!

Your door to door horse delivery specialists

We specialise in safe short & long haul travel of all horses.

  • Owner/Drivers – professional service by experienced, well respected horse people
  • Credit Cards Accepted
  • Stop overs / Safe Overnight Stable
  • Caring and professionalism with all horses
  • Competitive Rates, Reliable Service
  • Brisbane / Sydney / Melbourne routes
  • Service to inland NSW upon demand
  • Fortnightly services to North Queensland

Trucks based in Brisbane with pickup and delivery services in South East Qld and Central Victoria

Talk to Judy to discuss your horses transport needs. Call us on 0412 233 083 or email

Transport Tips

  • Ensure your horse is in good health
  • Make sure your horse is reasonably educated
  • If being fed daily, remove grain from diet
  • Ensure your horse is fed lucerne hay each day
  • For the horse’s comfort, ensure the hooves are in good condition
  • When booking, answer all questions asked
  • Inform the horse transport driver of any special needs your horse may have
  • Give your horse a hug

About East Coast Horse Transport

East Coast Horse Transport is completely Australian owned and operated. We have been in the business of horse transport since 1995 and are still going strong! We have a reputation for being safe and reliable horse transporters, thanks to our loyal customers – and we are known for our ability to care for horses and keep them calm and happy throughout their journey.

Our horse transport drivers know how important it is to have great animal handling skills, and through their years of experience riding and caring for horses, they do a fantastic job at soothing the horses during their trip.

If you choose us for your horse transport, you can call any time during their transit to check how they’re going, so you’re not left worrying. During overnight stopovers at our regular depots, the horses are treated with high-grade Lucerne hay and plenty of water. If need be, you can provide a rug for your horse to accompany it through its travels.

You can trust East Coast Horse Transport with your horses. Contact us today!

Our Horse Transport Fleet

Our horse transport fleet of vehicles is made up of three trucks – a 6-horse, 7-horse, and 9-horse. They have a number of features to make the horse’s trip more comfortable – spacious padded bays which suit all sizes of horses or ponies, cameras to ensure the horses are safe and calm at all times, the ability for horses to travel with rugs and boots, bays for foals and mares, stallion dividers and rubber floor mats with shavings. We accommodate for a small amount of tack to accompany each horse, but that said, no responsibility will be taken by us for any loss or damage of saddlery during the trip. Whatever your horse transport needs are, we’ve got them covered.

East Coast Horse Transport are your trusted mover of horses – give us a call today!


To which areas do you provide horse transport?

We transport horses to and from Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne, and also fortnightly to North Queensland. We offer horse transport to inland NSW upon demand.

Who will be handling my horses?

The owners of the business are the drivers and horse handlers, and they have years of experience with horse transport and other horse related activities like riding and polocrosse, so are well-equipped for the job.

Does East Coast Horse Transport accept credit cards?


Where are the horses kept during stopovers?

In a safe overnight stable.

Where is East Coast Horse Transport based?

East Coast Horse Transport is based in Brisbane, and offer delivery and pickup services in Central Victoria and South East Queensland.

How can I prepare my horse for transport?

  • Make sure it is healthy.
  • Make sure it is reasonably educated.
  • Remove grain from its diet.
  • Feed your horse Lucerne hay each day leading up to the trip.
  • Make sure the horse’s hooves are in good condition.
  • Answer all the questions at the time of booking.
  • Make sure the driver knows about your horse’s special needs.
  • Hug your horse!
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