Preparing your horse for transport

“Read our guide on how best to prepare your horses for transport”

1. Ensure your horse is in good health

    • Adequate feed and water and the horse is in good condition
      Yearly vaccinations are up to date such as tetanus/strangles, Hendra, worming

2. Make sure your horse is reasonably educated

    • If the horse has never travelled, please inform when booking the horse for travel
      If possible, lead the horse over different surfaces

3. If being fed daily, remove grain from diet

    • Travelling in a truck is a warm environment and grain fed horses sweat more than horses that are not fed grain

4. Ensure your horse is fed lucerne hay each day

    • Lucerne hay contains enzymes which are good for the horses’ stomach during transport

5. For the horse’s comfort, ensure the hooves are in good condition

    • Well-trimmed hooves are best for the horse during travel. Sawdust is used on the floor of the truck which improves the comfort of the horse

6. When booking, answer all questions asked

    • This will give the person taking the bookings an accurate description of the horse
      Size, colour and brand

7. Inform the horse transport driver of any special needs your horse may have

    • Any dietary needs, allergies, medical conditions

8. Give your horse a hug

    • Your horse has been a good friend and good friends get a hug good-bye