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Coronavirus and Horse Transport

Coronavirus and Horse Transport The past six months have been unchartered territory for many businesses. When it comes to coronavirus and horse transport, it is no different. The good news is, East Coast Horse Transport is still able to transport your horse from Brisbane to Melbourne. We are currently considered an essential service, however, it […]

Horse Transport – Do You Need A Float?

Horse Transport – Do You Need A Float? East Coast Horse Transport is here for the time where you need long haul horse transport Brisbane to Melbourne. When planning these trips to transport your horses, it makes sense to use a reputable company. Questions like how long is the travel going to be? Will it […]

Young Horse Transport Brisbane

Young Horse Transport Brisbane East Coast Horse Transport are the experts in safely transporting very young horses. This very precious cargo needs patience and care when transporting, especially over long distances. To make the journey a comfortable one, our trucks come with special mare & foal bays that ensure the safety of mum & baby […]

Christmas Treats For Horses

Christmas Treats For Horses We love our horses, so much so we like to include them in as many things as possible. Christmas treats are just one of the fun ways we can include our equine friends in our lives. At East Coast Horse Transport, we are all about the safety and security of our […]

Halloween For Horses

Halloween For Horses Halloween is coming so why not find a costume idea and have a Halloween for horses event? Below we have listed some possibilities for costume ideas that you can take and make your own. They will have different degrees of difficulty, so you can make them as simple or intricate as you […]

Pasture Management in Drought Conditions

Pasture Management in Drought Conditions Pasture management is a key part of basic horse husbandry. Horses have evolved to graze for up to 20 hours per day. In ideal conditions, a suitably sized paddock should be enough to make up the majority of your horse’s daily food intake. In reality, especially in these dry times, […]

Horse Transport Victoria To Brisbane Is “Expensive”

Horse Transport Victoria To Brisbane Is “Expensive” Transporting horses from point A to Point B is a big responsibility, but an even bigger one during long trips such as Victoria to Brisbane. When you contact us for a quote, you will find horse transport Australia companies are sometimes unable to quote a flat rate. Pricing […]

Horse Transport Tips

Horse Transport Tips When you own a horse for any decent length of time, sooner or later horse transport tips will come in handy. It could be a vet appointment, a competition, training. The reasons are varied. Whether you transport them yourself or use a company such as East Coast Horse Transport, you want your […]

Equine Stretching Exercises

Equine Stretching Exercises How do Equine Stretching Exercises benefit your horse? Utilise natural movement to help increase your horse’s flexibility Improve balance Help with core strength Can be a training tool on the ground to help bond with your horse and develop trust. What types of stretching are there? There are 3 types of stretch […]

Large Horse Transport? Yes We Can!

Large Horse Transport? Yes, We Can! Look at this gorgeous gentle giant!! At 18hh and tipping the scales at just over 1 tonne (1000kgs) this guy might just be the largest horse we have ever transported! If you have a larger than normal horse, don’t hesitate to contact the team at East Coast Horse Transport. […]