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Changes at East Coast Horse Transport

Changes at East Coast Horse Transport  It is with much excitement that we announce that East Coast Horse Transport is separating into 2 different services!!!! We are still the same people you’ve always known, now with more customisable and improved services! For all your SE QLD local horse transport needs, you can contact SOUTH EAST […]

Do You Know The Weight Score Of Your Horse?

Do You Know The Weight Score Of Your Horse?  Maintaining a good weight on your horse can be a complicated matter. Some horses gain weight at the sniff of a blade of grass, others need a wide variety of different feeds to keep them in good condition. Factors like paddock condition, exercise, breed and medical […]

Midweek Meme For Your Wednesday

Midweek Meme For Your Wednesday Horse ownership can have its trials and tribulations, but rarely does anyone ever regret the horses they had and the lessons they learned. Whether it was riding around a paddock on a Shetland pony, attending Pony Club gymkhanas, or even higher level eventing and showing. Whatever you do during your […]

Rain Is On The Way!

Rain Is On The Way! Weather forecasters have delivered the best news possible at this time! This weekend QLD and NSW, most of which is currently affected by severe drought, will be getting rain!!! From this afternoon, it’s predicted that a month’s worth of average rainfall will fall this weekend. It will provide a break […]

Happy Ekka Holiday!

Happy Ekka Holiday!  When you think of the Ekka (Brisbane Royal Exhibition Show), you mostly think of showbags, amusement rides and games. Don’t forget though, it is also an event for people to show their horses! Whether it’s lead-in-hand, dressage, or showjumping, horses of all breeds and sizes compete. If you’re planning on going to the […]

Happy Birthday, Horses!!

Happy Birthday, Horses!!  It’s time to celebrate every horse’s birthday in the Southern Hemisphere! Traditionally, the universal birthday for Thoroughbred horses is the 1st of August, regardless of when they were actually born! This was because mares often come into heat with the warmer spring weather, meaning most foals were born around August. In this […]

Horses and Salt Blocks

Horses and Salt Blocks  Feeding horses can be a tricky business. Depending on what your horse does, it may require more than regular paddock grass can give. With many types of hard feed, hay and supplements on the market, it’s enough to make your head spin. Further to our last blog post on whether your […]

Is Your Horse Drinking Enough Water?

Is Your Horse Drinking Enough Water?  It might surprise you to know that even in this winter weather, ensuring your horse drinks enough water is vital. This is even more important if they are being worked heavily. If you’re not sure how much water your horse is drinking on a daily bucket, you can try […]

Should You Rug Your Horse?

Should You Rug Your Horse?  Winter is rapidly approaching. While QLD doesn’t see the types of freezing temperatures as our southern friends do, there are occasions where your horse might appreciate a snuggly rug overnight. Here are some tips on how to work out if you should rug your horse or not. What breed is […]