Coronavirus and Horse Transport

coronavirus and horse transport

Coronavirus and Horse Transport

The past six months have been unchartered territory for many businesses. When it comes to coronavirus and horse transport, it is no different. The good news is, East Coast Horse Transport is still able to transport your horse from Brisbane to Melbourne. We are currently considered an essential service, however, it is important to note the changes that could happen. Due to the currently escalating situation in Victoria, this has the potential to change. Before booking, please contact us regarding coronavirus and horse transport to Victoria.

The current conditions allowing us to travel are below.

Transporting south from Brisbane to Melbourne, ECHT currently have a permit into Victoria.

When it comes to horse transport from Victoria to NSW to QLD, we currently have the following authorisations. This is permitted as of the time of this post but can change at any time in the future. We will notify anyone if circumstances mean we cannot travel.

East Coast Horse Transport currently hold a permit from Victoria to NSW. This permit is also applicable coming from NSW into Victoria. NSW to Victoria is also a separate permit that we have just acquired. At this stage, these permits shouldn’t have a major effect on the amount of time taken to travel Brisbane to Melbourne. There is the potential for delays coming from Melbourne to Brisbane which we will inform you of if it occurs.

When it comes to our health and safety, you can be assured we are taking every precaution to keep exposure to a minimum. Our drivers will take care to distance ourselves at pick up & delivery of horses. Hygiene is also a priority, with drivers washing hands and using sanitiser when getting back in the truck.

As always, if you have any questions contact us.

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