Halloween For Horses

Halloween For Horses

Halloween is coming so why not find a costume idea and have a Halloween for horses event? Below we have listed some possibilities for costume ideas that you can take and make your own. They will have different degrees of difficulty, so you can make them as simple or intricate as you want!

1. A Unicorn

halloween for horses

Sourced from Pinterest


This is probably starting with the simplest idea for a Halloween for horses costume. You can keep t as simple as attaching a horn to your horse’s browband and leaving it at that. The theme could be pretty & whimsical, or dark and scary. There are many ways you can make this work for you.


2. Grim Reaper

Sourced from Pinterest

This one is a little scarier and complicated, but worth it!. Anything dark and shredded makes for an awesome look. Just make sure this doesn’t pose a safety risk to your horse with the shredded fabric getting caught up or the horse stepping on it.

3. The “Kid-Safe Horse”

Sourced from reddit/AtomicPenny via Horse Collaborative

This one made me laugh out loud when I saw it! How many times have we seen an ad or heard a story of a horse or pony for sale that says “Great with Kids” but is far from it?! This is a simple and funny costume idea that anyone can do. We’d be fibbing if us equestrian people said we didn’t have a sling or a pair of crutches lying around to help with the look!

4. Little Bo-Peep

Sourced from Reddit/drethedog

This is super-cute and super fun! All you need is some stuffing and an old rain sheet and a hood or similar to glue the stuffing onto. Obviously, adding the child’s costume would be the icing on the cake but not essential.

We hope you have enjoyed this small example of ideas for you and your pony this Halloween!

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