Horse Transport – Do You Need A Float?

horse transport do you need a float

Horse Transport – Do You Need A Float?

East Coast Horse Transport is here for the time where you need long haul horse transport Brisbane to Melbourne. When planning these trips to transport your horses, it makes sense to use a reputable company. Questions like how long is the travel going to be? Will it be overseas or local? Does the horse have sufficient food and water? Will the journey become comfortable and safe for their horse? It is East Coast Horse Transport’s mission to ensure your horse receives the highest standard of care throughout the trip.

When it comes to local horse transport, we are more than happy to help out as well. There are times though, that you will consider if you require a horse float of your own.

Some questions to ask yourself are:

How far are you from the vet and farrier, and do they make house calls?

Are you likely to want to take your horse to shows more than a few miles away?

Can you hire or share a horse float if you need one?

The most important reason for having a horse float is so that you have a way to immediately transport the horse. In the event of any emergency or even a fire or natural disaster, it can be the difference between safety and tragedy. So this is a very important consideration if you own a horse. You don’t ever really want to be without a way to move the horse if they need emergency veterinary care. An example would be a situation such as life-saving surgery that could not possibly be performed where the horse is kept.

The second reason for having a horse float is that it truly opens up a whole world when you own your horse, as you can take the animal so many wonderful places that are outside of riding distance from where the horse is kept. You can enjoy an afternoon somewhere special that otherwise would not be possible without the trailer.

On the flip side, horse floats can be very expensive to buy and maintain, particularly if use is minimal. Perhaps your horse is retired, or you have rideable access to places like beaches and trails. There are also a lot of vets who have the ability to be able to transport a horse for surgery if needed. It really does depend on your own set of circumstances.

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