Horse Transport Victoria To Brisbane Is “Expensive”

Horse Transport Victoria To Brisbane Is “Expensive”

Transporting horses from point A to Point B is a big responsibility, but an even bigger one during long trips such as Victoria to Brisbane. When you contact us for a quote, you will find horse transport Australia companies are sometimes unable to quote a flat rate. Pricing a horse transport job sometimes involves more than a simple distance calculation from pick up to destination.

Arranging long distance horse transport Victoria to Brisbane can be complicated and confusing for the first-timer. East Coast Horse Transport try our best to make it as smooth as possible. Many factors can affect the cost of transportation, so here are some points to consider:

Plan ahead where possible

An initial quote for a long distance trip such as horse transport Victoria to Brisbane could be based on the number of horses you wish to transport. However, a full truck is more cost effective so being as flexible as possible can help. The more notice you can give on long distances, and the more flexible you can be with travel, the more affordable the horse transportation will be.

The ability to plan ahead will help your bank account. If you’re not able to wait, you will find yourself with multiple quotes from transport companies. That will cost you in time spent making calls, sending texts and answering emails.

Skilled drivers, Horse Handlers and Well-Equipped Trucks

Not all horse transport Victoria to Brisbane companies are created equal. East Coast Horse Transport take pride in their reputation. We go to significant lengths to provide the highest level of service possible.

As is usual in the horse industry, skilled and reliable people are hard to find. Long distance travel requires shared drivers who are also knowledgeable horse people. Driver fatigue is a significant safety consideration. Ensuring a shared driving load will add to the cost of shipping your horses (as it should!)

Are you an anxious owner? Many companies like ECHT are upgrading equipment and adding surveillance cameras to their trucks. This allows us to closely monitor your horse while on the road and help ease your mind.

Maintaining multiple vehicles is a big investment that gives a horse transport company the ability to more efficiently accommodate your needs. From a short, local trip to a coast-to-coast journey, we have a suitable truck or float.

Duration, distance, and driving conditions

Pricing of all horse transport Victoria to Brisbane services applies from the point of origin to final destination and is based primarily on kilometres, but with adjustment for other factors affecting travel time. Distance, time including stopovers, road conditions, road tolls, and anticipated weather events can all impact what a horse transport Victoria company must charge for your horse’s trip.

Stopovers & Quarantines

For Victoria to Brisbane travel, horse transport companies should have dedicated stopover locations along the way. Established transport companies will have pre-existing relationships with stopover locations and quarantine facilities.

Overnight stops are always provided with East Coast Horse Transport Victoria which is included in your quote. This includes handling, feed, and stable or paddock rest. We will never leave your horse on the truck overnight.

Experienced and knowledgeable horse transport companies will be well-briefed in the protocols involved in dropping off and picking up horses from quarantine, saving you time and headaches. Delays cause stress to the horses and cost you money. A smooth transition between stopover transportation is critical.


Does your horse require a lot of gear accompanying them? Excessive equipment can cost you. While East Coast Horse Transport can accommodate essential equipment included, there can be exceptions.

Most standard horse transportation services charge a deposit, with the balance due at pickup.

We hope this has given you an insight into why horse transport Victoria to Brisbane can be expensive. At the end of the day, what price do you put on your horse travelling a long distance with comfort and care?


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