Reducing Stress On Horse Transporting

horse transporting

Horses tend to get very restless going on even short trips. Transporting your horse can build up a lot of stress for it and make the whole ride uncomfortable. There are a large number of ways to prevent this or at least reduce it. So, this article will go list a number of ways to help you transport your horse in the best way possible.

Providing Hay

This may be obvious for some but there are people who don’t and for good reason. In saying that, hay is a very good distraction for the horse.


A well fed horse and hydrated horse will feel a lot more comfortable during the trip. For longer trips hydrating your horse should be preemptive. some where between 1 to 3 days prior.


Please make sure your trailer or however you’re transporting your horse is properly ventilated. Especially on hotter days.


Always be aware that you are transporting a horse standing up while you are driving.

Travel Buddy

If at all possible, give the horse a travel buddy. Riding with familiar company can reduce a fair amount of stress.

Fly Masks

Fly masks go over the horses head and covers the eyes to prevent any bugs flying in their eyes.

Travel space

Make sure your Van or trailer is an appropriate size for your horse transport. No one likes to be cramped on long rides.

Horse rugs

Unless it’s winter, maybe reconsider using a horse rug. Horses constantly use their muscles to stay balanced, working up a sweat. With a blanket over them as well, could cause some heatstroke or close to. Excessive sweating can always make their hydration level decrease quite a lot.


Especially on longer trips, plan some recovery or rest stops for you and your horse to stretch out and walk around.


upon arrival, unloading as soon as possible is recommended. And also hand walking or turnout in a paddock for a decent amount of time would also be good for the horse. Particularly after a long journey. for any enquiries about horse transporting, see our website for more details.

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