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East Coast Horse Transport is known all over the east of Australia as the most reputable horse transporter. Here’s why!

Our Services

We cover all the major cities on the east coast including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide. We transport to and from inland NSW on request, and head up to north Queensland fortnightly.

We are known for our excellent skills when it comes to caring for horses and keeping them calm (check out our testimonials page). We have many years experience handling, training, and riding horses – the team have all played/play polocrosse or polo.

When it comes to horse transportation, we get the job done safely and efficiently, with maximum focus on the horse’s well being. We cover short and long distance horse transportation. Our staff are owner-drivers, which means they have the maximum care and commitment to their job. For convenience, we accept credit card payment. We have safe overnight stables available for our stopovers during long distance horse transport, so you know your horse is getting looked after properly. Our trucks are based in Brisbane and we can pick up and deliver horses anywhere on the east coast including south east Queensland and central Victoria.

What to Do

If you’re considering getting your horse transported, ensure it is in good health. It will help matters greatly if the horse is reasonably educated (i.e. has some experience being led). If your horse is being fed daily, take grain out of its diet leading up to its transportation. Feed your horse lucerne hay every day. Check your horse’s hooves for any damage, and rectify for your horse’s comfort during its journey. When you call us to make a booking, we will ask you a series of questions relating to the horse’s transport. Please answer all these questions so we can organise the most suitable transport of your horse and so we know what to expect. If your horse has any special needs, let us know. And last but not least, give your horse a hug before you part ways with it!

If you’re looking for the solution for your horse transport requirements on the east coast, look no further! East Coast Horse Transport will get your horse there safely and in great condition.

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