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Young Horse Transport Brisbane

Young Horse Transport Brisbane East Coast Horse Transport are the experts in safely transporting very young horses. This very precious cargo needs patience and care when transporting, especially over long distances. To make the journey a comfortable…
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Large Horse Transport? Yes We Can!

Large Horse Transport? Yes, We Can! Look at this gorgeous gentle giant!! At 18hh and tipping the scales at just over 1 tonne (1000kgs) this guy might just be the largest horse we have ever transported! If you have a larger than normal horse,…
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Another Happy Horse Transport Customer

Another Happy Horse Transport Customer Welcome back to a new week with East Coast Horse Transport! We recently helped the fellow get from A to B even though he had never been floated or trucked before. His owner was over the moon, stating…
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Do You Know The Weight Score Of Your Horse?

Do You Know The Weight Score Of Your Horse?  Maintaining a good weight on your horse can be a complicated matter. Some horses gain weight at the sniff of a blade of grass, others need a wide variety of different feeds to keep them in good…
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What To Include When Transporting Your Horse

What To Include When Transporting Your Horse When you go on a long car trip, usually the first thing you think about is what to take with you to make the trip more comfortable. Food, a book, maybe a blanket. The same applies to your horse,…
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How does our Website look?

East Coast Horse Transport has had a Website revamp lately and we would love to know what you think!
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Reputable Horse Transporter

East Coast Horse Transport is known all over the east of Australia as the most reputable horse transporter. Here’s why! Our Services We cover all the major cities on the east coast including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide. We…
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YouTube video - Horse Transport

We have created our first YouTube video - Horse Transport.
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What We Offer

Do you need a horse transported on the east coast? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Services East Coast Horse Transport can get your horse anywhere on the east coast of Australia including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide.…