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Do you need a horse transported on the east coast? If so, you’ve come to the right place.


East Coast Horse Transport can get your horse anywhere on the east coast of Australia including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide. We also cover inland NSW on demand and north Queensland on a fortnightly basis.

We are known by our customers to be experts in handling horses, as can be seen in the testimonials section. We have many years experience handling and riding horses playing polocrosse.

Our staff are owner drivers so you can trust them with your horse. They are caring, professional horse handlers, so you know your horse is in good hands. Your horse is ensured the most comfortable journey as we have safe overnight stables to house your horse in if it is a two-day trip. You will find our rates to be very competitive – but you still get the advantage of having A-grade service.

We are based in Brisbane and offer pickup services in south east Queensland and central Victoria.


Before you get your horse transported, you should make sure it is in good health, make sure it is trained enough to be able to be led over different surfaces, take grain out of its diet, feed it lucerne hay on a daily basis, make sure the hooves are in good condition, answer all the questions asked when booking your horse in for transport, let your driver know of any special needs your horse has, ensure the horse has plenty of food and water, make sure its yearly vaccinations are up to date, make sure it is wormed, and last but not least, hug your horse before it goes on its journey. All these preparations will help your horse have a pleasant and relaxed journey to its new location.

At East Coast Horse Transport, we hope you’ve found this blog informative.

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